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How Does My Workers' Compensation Attorney Get Paid?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

When involved in an on-the-job accident or suffering a job-related illness, money is often a top concern. Understandably, victims frequently worry about how they’ll pay their medical bills, as well as their mortgage, utility and food bills, while they are off the job recovering. The last thing they need to worry about is how they will pay attorney’s fees, too. Chances are, that question plays a major role in why some injured employees don’t enlist the aid of an attorney when and if their Workers' Compensation claim is initially denied. Because you could potentially be missing out on thousands of dollars in workers compensation benefits due to misconceived notions, the attorneys at The Edmondson Law Firm wish to dispel any myths surrounding how worker’s compensation attorneys get paid.

What is a Workers' Compensation Attorney Contingency Fee?

Most Worker’s Compensation attorneys are paid with a contingency fee. That means their payment is contingent upon the successful resolution of your case. In other words, we don’t get paid unless you get paid. If you don’t recover any money via settlement or lawsuit, then your attorney will not receive payment. This helps guarantee that they won’t take your case unless they have cause to believe you can win. It also ensures that they’ll work hard on your behalf (and their own) to see that justice is done.

When you receive settlement or payment of your lawsuit, your attorney will be paid from those fees. This also safeguards that your attorney will do everything in his or her power to see that your case is resolved as quickly as possible.

How Do I Know My Attorney Won’t Take a Huge Cut of My Benefits if We Win?

While attorney’s fees will be based on an agreement between you and your lawyer, those fees will be subject to the approval of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation if greater than $100.00. To protect you, the Board will not approve any fee greater than 25% of your settlement or award of weekly benefits.

If you have any questions related to your recent on-the-job accident and worker’s compensation benefits, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the worker’s compensation attorneys at The Edmonson Law Firm. We’ll be happy to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation with you.

To reach our team, please call us at 678-271-9111, email us at or fill out our secure online contact form. We also invite you to visit us in person at our offices at 924 Gainesville Hwy Suite 200 in Buford. In addition to Worker’s Compensation, we also specialize in Personal Injury and Social Security Disability.

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