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How Do I Know if I Am Eligible for Georgia Workers’ Compensation?

Updated: Jul 11

Document laying on a desk that reads, "Work Injury Claim" next to a judge's gavel.

The simplest way to understand if you have a legitimate workers’ compensation claim is to ask yourself a couple of basic questions:

  1. Did my injury occur on the job or because of my job?

  2. Did my injury occur while at work or doing a task that benefits my employer?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, you are eligible for workers’ compensation in Georgia.

In our state, benefits begin the day you start your job. All companies with three or more employees must have workers’ compensation insurance. To ensure you receive the full benefits you are owed in the case of a workplace injury, you must report your accident to a supervisor immediately.

Once your workplace injury has been documented, you can file a claim using Form WC-14 which is available through the State Board of Workers’ Compensation website.

In many cases, once a claim is filed, you will immediately receive workers’ compensation benefits. However, in some cases, the process will not be as simple. In this instance, you may need to request a hearing, which is like a trial, with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Your claim’s validity will be decided by an Administrative Law Judge based on the law and the facts presented by both you and your employer.

While you are not required to have an attorney for workers’ compensation hearings, we recommend you hire one. It is important to have someone on your side to help you navigate the process and receive the benefits you are owed based on the severity of your injury and the time you will need to recover. This is especially true in cases where an employer is represented by counsel.

If you have recently filed a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia and need legal representation, The Edmonson Law Firm can help. Contact us today for a free consultation so we can understand more about your case and help determine the next steps.

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