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John Edmonson, Principal attorney of The Edmonson Law Firm

John Edmonson


Not many attorneys could lay claim to turning a wrench, operating a forklift or bending pipe for a living – but John Edmonson can! After graduating from St. Andrews University, he sought a career that felt like a good fit – not just for his degree, but also for his love of community. He worked retail, where he learned he had an affinity for face-to-face interactions. He did a turn at a local warehouse, then went to work for an electrical contractor – where he found he enjoyed doing a hands-on job right and making a living doing real work as an electrician. He continued to do that real work during the day while attending John Marshall Law School at night. He earned his Juris Doctorate and became a member of the Georgia Bar Association in 2005. Inspired by his coworkers and personal experiences, John sought to represent real people doing real work who had real problems. After a decade spent working for two other Atlanta law firms, he learned that he had a true talent for worker’s compensation, social security disability and personal injury cases. On September 1, 2015, he launched his own firm in his “hometown” of Buford – where he had moved his family in 1999, and never plans to leave. 

John seeks to provide The Edmonson Law Firm clients with an experience that exceeds expectations – delivered by a team of caring professionals who are not too uptight or busy to listen to and understand their neighbors’ problems. For him, it all begins with communication and accessibility. A proud Georgian since 1984, and a Dunwoody High School graduate, John values laying down roots and getting to know his neighbors. He endeavors to spend as much time and treasure in his hometown – supporting local businesses, charities and the renowned Buford City Schools. He has been married for almost 30 years, and has three sons, all adults. Two have committed to service in the United States Marine Corps. In his spare time, John will attend Buford football games (Go Wolves!), Gwinnett Stripers baseball games, and volunteer at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth. His hobbies include photography, genealogy, and preserving family history.

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