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A Warm Invitation to Esteemed Lawyers in and Around Buford, GA:
Join Our Attorney Referral Network

We are reaching out to esteemed lawyers and law firms in and around the surrounding Buford area with an exciting opportunity to be part of our Attorney Referral Network.

At The Edmonson Law Firm, we believe in fostering strong professional relationships that benefit both clients and attorneys. By joining our Attorney Referral Network, you gain access to a range of valuable benefits:

  1. Expand Reach and Client Base: Collaborate with a well-established law firm known for its expertise in personal injury, workers' compensation, and social security disability cases. Access our extensive network and tap into new client opportunities.

  2. Trust and Reputation: Associate your practice with The Edmonson Law Firm's solid reputation and track record of successful cases. Leverage our brand recognition to enhance your professional standing.

  3. Streamlined Referral Process: Our dedicated team will ensure a seamless referral experience, handling all aspects professionally and efficiently. You can trust us to provide the highest level of care to referred clients.

  4. Generous Referral Fees: As a token of appreciation for your trust and confidence in our services, we offer competitive referral fees. Let us help you create an additional revenue stream for your practice.

  5. Collaborative Support: Enjoy the benefits of collaboration and knowledge-sharing with like-minded legal professionals. We believe in building a strong community and fostering professional growth together, or

  6. Your Role, Your Choice: Refer a case and choose your involvement. Stay hands-on or let us take the lead. Our collaborations are transparent and mutual, focusing on our clients' best interests.


We genuinely believe that our Attorney Referral Network can significantly benefit both our practices and the clients that we serve. If you are interested in becoming a part of this dynamic network, we would be delighted to schedule a call or meeting to discuss the details further.

Feel free to either fill out the form that you see below or reach out to John Edmonson at We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and strengthen the legal community together!

Client Referral Form

Client Referral Form (For Attorneys)

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