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Do Roundabouts Promote Safety or More Car Accidents?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Roundabouts have been popping up all over North Georgia the past few years. Approximately 400 are in use or in planning stages across the state. We understand they can be confusing and hard to get used to, but the truth is, they are actually safer than traditional intersections. Studies show that injury-related car accidents decrease by nearly 80% in cases where roundabouts replaced traditional traffic lights at intersections. Even in rural areas where speeds can reach 50 MPH, injury-related car accidents are 85% less likely with a roundabout than traditional stop signs.

Roundabout Safety Tips

The key to achieving roundabout safety and success is understanding how to enter and exit them. Here are the basic rules of engagement:

  1. When approaching a roundabout, slow down.

  2. This will give you a chance to look around and remain in the correct lane.

  3. Yield to the drivers already in the roundabout. This means you may have to wait for a minute, but can prevent a car accident, so it is well worth the time.

The most common time that car accidents occur with roundabouts is upon entry, so being aware of where your vehicle is in relation to others and the lanes of the traffic circle are instrumental in avoiding a crash and subsequent injury. Two-lane roundabouts are not as safe as single lane ones, but still have advantages such as decreased congestion on the roads and pollution reduction since cars are not idling as long at traffic lights.

Car accidents that occur in roundabout locations also tend to lead to less serious injury since all cars involved are traveling at slower speeds than in traditional intersection crashes. These car accidents usually occur when someone runs a red light or makes an improper left turn across traffic resulting in head-on collisions and serious personal injuries.

Stay safe on the roads by always wearing your seat belt, maintaining proper speed, and following traffic signals and patterns, like roundabouts. Become as familiar as possible with how to utilize roundabouts for safety and take your time as you learn how to drive in them. Should you find yourself in need of assistance after a car accident in Buford or Flowery Branch, please reach out to the experts at Edmundson Law Firm. We will work with you to understand what took place, who is at fault, and get you the compensation you deserve for your personal injury.

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